Thursday, November 1, 2012

Staten Island

No one argues the problems with the cleanup on Staten Island, the people and place needs the same recovery effort than everywhere in the New York City area, especially since it was the most devasted area from Hurricane Sandy.

That said, let's be honest about it. The folks on Staten Island are just beginning to see how all the people of  New Orleans were treated during and after Hurricane Katrina by the George Bush admistration, and the area is still trying to recover, all these years later.

So, yes, you'll get help to cleanup and rebuild because of President Obama. But you don't have the right to yell and demand so quickly. If you want to yell and demand, where were you for the people of New Orleans? Where were you in the fall of 2005?

Did you yell and demand then? No? And you want us to yell and demand for you? We will because you're worth it, but next time, how about standing up for people elsewhere you are in the same proverbial boat as you?

Try losing your home and property, not for awhile, even a year while it's rebuilt and you rebuild your life, but for years, a few years, and even more 7 years now. That's what many from New Orleans still face. And where are you?

You want to yell and demand? Fine, we'll join you. But then return the favor for others.

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