Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nothing's Changed

Apparently the Republicans and their leadership with House Speaker Boehner and Senate minority leader McConnell haven't changed after losing the election. They're using the same rhetoric they used before the elections now after the election.

What don't they understand the people want negotiation and compromise?

But let's be clear Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, Social Security is off the table. The Affordable Care Act is off the table. Everything else, including the Defense Department budget is on the table. If you don't like it, then let's do what will happen.

Let's not get a deal and go off the fiscal cliff.

How's that for a solution? How's that for negotiation and compromise? How's that selling your arrogance and obstinance? How's that for your Tea Party members?

What don't you understand the American people want the President and the Democrats not to get a bad deal. As they've said, "No deal is better than a bad deal.", and we'll take it to get the point across to the Republicans.

We're more than willing to let everything happen if it means increasing taxes on the wealthy. We'd also like higher taxes on corporations. We'd also like Social Security fixed with eliminating the limit on income.

We'd also like health insurance companies and healthcare costs reduced to help people with or needing health insurance. We'd like affordable health insurance. We'd like the budget balanced by making the DOD take a real cut to help reduce the deficit and debt.

And we want solutions. If you can't understand that, then maybe you will learn in 2014 when we get to decide your fate in the House and some in the Senate. That you understand, you job, you ass.

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