Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Channel Switching Words

I watch the news a few hours a day, usually one of the cable networks, mostly MSNBC because I can't stand Fox News and CNN is becoming a joke of repetitiveness, meaning if you miss something, don't worry it will be back again in 30-60 minutes. And even MSNBC is becoming a lot like CNN except it's the different hosts repeating the same story with a different spin and guests.

So that said, these are stories when announced at the beginning of the show, like "Tonight....", or during the news show, like "Next...", with words which I immediately switch channels or turn off the TV.

Trayvon Martin - I'm sorry for the young man and justice needs to be served but the news isn't it.

Tim Tebow - I don't like any over-hyped quarter back who professes their faith so obviously.

Republican primary campaign and the name of any candidate - I'm full of the campaign crap and the candidates' lies and bs.

Anything Al Sharpton - I just don't like his ego and his outrage without rhythm or reason, just being loud and prominent.

Anything Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw - They are so full of themselves and their icon status in journalism.

The Affordable Healthcare Act - The Supreme Court will decide in mid-late June, so until then it's much ado about nothing.

I'll add more words or names as they happen.

And to MSNBC I only consistently watch your shows between 5 and 8 PM Pacific Time, meaning Ed Schulz, Rachael Madow and Lawrence O'Donnell, and sometimes I skip the first or last one when I hear the opening about the stories. I don't understand why the cable news networks forget viewers other than those addicted to news and their shows.

At least Racheal Maddow is worth lisening to the stories, her views and the guests on her show. Most days, because some days she gets a bit too much. But at least is eloquent and informative besides being smart and intelligent, a rarity for many news show hosts, and seems to have a lot of fun. That's worth the time.