Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rape is Rape

Much against what the members of the Virginia legislature think of their bill for a specific type of ultrasound before having an abortion, even against the woman's rights and decision and against the doctor's recommendation, rape as defined by federal law is still rape, the forced penetration of a woman's vagina against her wishes.

That is exactly what that bill will do, sanction the state to demand a doctor commit rape of a woman prior to an abortion. This violates the hypocratic oath doctors swear to uphold. This violates the woman. This violates the law. Plain and simple. It's rape, no less if it was done by a rapist.

Those supporting this bill are defacto rapists trying to legalize rape for their own views and beliefs. And the governor agrees with them, calling it fair and proper. Would any of them, especially the governor, still believe it if their daughter wanted an abortion and she had to experience that test?

The conservative and religious extremist want small government except in the bedroom and a woman's body. There they want total control of what happens between two people and with a woman's reproductive healthcare. They want this over all people and over all women. Everywhere and all the time.

That's not small government, it's what Rick Santorum criticizes the Democrats and the President for being, Nazis. He wants that control as much as Hitler wanted it in Germany in the 1930's. Mr. Santorium has said as much about the opponents but maybe he should be looking out a window instead of looking in a mirror.

He's talking about himself. He's deciding for everyone who they should be and what they should do. Not really should so much as must be and must do. He's Hitler reincarnated as a religious zealot disguised as a presidential candidate and he's preaching to his faith, his party of followers, who like the early followers of Hitler, drank the cool-aid and believed the message as gospel.

And his gospel is his version of the Bible and Christianity. He's even called followers of non-Catholic dominations as heretics, against his view of God, Jesus and the Bible. Change the book and you have Nazism. You have someone who wants to be in total control of Americans, deciding what's right, his right and everything else as wrong, evil and illegal.

And those in the Virginia legislature aren't much different, just in Virginia. But all said and done, it's still rape and rape is still rape. And conspiracy to commit rape disguised as this law is also rape. No less invasive and no less a crime.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Thought

I read several on-line or print newspapers several days a week and from today's newspapers I saw some imaginary dots. But they're only just a thought.

One would get the impression Obama is letting the military take over our government. Why? Consider the following facts.

The director and senior staff of the National Security Agency (NSA) are generals in the military. Not retired, but uniformed active duty.

The Department of Defense's (DOD's) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) nows conducts 80% of the covert surveillence and operations, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the remaining 20%. This has been a slowly evolving changes since 2001 when the CIA did the almost all that work.

The CIA operates the DOD drones under DOD orders and DIA informatioin.

The CIA director is the former Secretary of Defense (CIA director now the Secretary of Defense).

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is a retired General. Three of the five directors are from the military.

The Joint Chief of Staff is one of Obama's senior advisors among the other active or retired miltiary as senior advisors.

All the contractors working for the DNI and DIA operate for the DOD.

The miltiary now controls the NSA, DNI, DIA and much of the CIA besides the DOD itself. This means the majority of voices the president is hearing are the military.

Makes you wonder if they ever decide to think Americans are the enemy too could or would the President ever stop them? Could we the people? Would Congress?

And if they decide to take over the one job left between them and total control of the US government and people?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opinion Ping Pong

After moving my news and opinion blog here from my main blog, I've moved it back to the main blog at wsrphoto. I may still add essays here on occasion, when is anyone's guess, but I'll try to remember to stop by here occasionally and post something.

The reason for this is that this blog doesn't get the traffic my main blog gets (yes, on the bottom are the Google analytics notice), not that I want to encourage folks to go there and read my often dumbfounding opinions (ok, I'm a progressive liberal with some moderate, conservative and libertarian opinions on some issues), it's just easier for them.

Anyway, that's it for here now. As they say, "I'll keep you posted. Like here."