Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reader Advisory

This is to warn the reader that sometimes the opinions expressed here are from anger at the opinions expressed by other people who don't seem to understand and often don't seem to want to care to understand, and as such I write what I would say what I think, you know those things you'd love to say but never really say.

Well, occasionally I let my anger get the better of me and as such write words not suitable for young people. And while many of them have already heard the words before, it's still not suitable to put in an opinion you want to share with the world, as someone kindly pointed out to me recently.

I sincerely apologize for those words, and have reviewed some of the recent and older posts to substitute less offensive words, but still making the point. Still probably not suitable for young people because the point is still from anger at something done or said by others which I disagree strongly.

So, if you still want to continue to read the blog, be my guest and feel free to express yourself (it's moderated so I can simply delete comments - remember it's my blog). Just remember it's just my opinion and worth, like everyone else's, just two cents.

And so you can click to continue or you can click to return to where you came.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks Democrats

For screwing the American people. No, really, many thanks for giving the Republicans nearly everything they wanted, like you did last December in the lame duck session with the extension of the Bush tax cuts, and getting nothing in return except promises on measures the Tea Party and Republicans knew were bargaining chips and wouldn't really be in any final bill.

You got nothing in return and now with the promise of an agreement to prevent the government shutdown, do you really believe they won't renege next week and want more cuts or add the bargaining chips back into the final bill from the House. Do you really trust Speark Boehner after he's lied so many times, agreed and reneged so many times, including to the President?

And now with the Republicans getting $79 billion in tax cuts in non-defense and intelligence discretionary spending, meaning the 12% of the government we all know outside entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid), the DOD, the intelligence and HSA and the two wars, they'll come back next week for more cuts. Want to bet?

And you'll cave again and screw the American people again and we'll face more cuts to those monies and services we need while the wealthy and corporations laugh their asses to the bank with our money given to them in tax cuts and break, subsidies, and other funds. It's like a John getting a STD from a prostitue. We still pay her and we pay the doctor.

Gee, thanks Mr. President and Democrats. I'll remember you in 2012 too. Gee, getting screwed, first by the Republicans and now by the Democrats is so much fun. And you still get your paycheck, your lobbyist money, you corporate campaign money and we get cuts and pay more for just living. And being screwed.