Friday, August 23, 2013

Mens Warehouse ads

To the Men's Warehouse ads which says, "We make you look good.", I can only say, "An asshole in a good looking suit is still an asshole."

Monday, July 22, 2013

Paying Taxes

Despite what you think about illegal immigrants, they pay taxes. In fact they pay almost all of the same taxes we pay, including social security, medicare taxes, unemployment taxes, property taxes (often through their landlord), local and state taxes, gasoline taxes, and most of all, sales taxes.

The only tax they don't often pay is income tax because they don't have a social security number  for the IRS to file a tax return, but their employer(s) often deducts federal, state and local taxes from their pay check. Only those being paid under the table don't pay these taxes, but still pay other taxes.

So don't say they don't pay taxes, they do.

Government Spying

If the government is spying on every citizen without a warrant, why aren't they spying on corporations for their criminal activities? Oh wait, I forgot, the corporations own our government.

Not that's it our government, bought and paid for with our taxes, which the government uses against us and gives to corporations in tax breaks, subsidies, grants and contracts.

Maybe "we the people" should become a corporation and buy back our government. Oh wait, that would be a crime, hence why they're spying on us. They don't trust us and think we're the enemy.

Oh wait, we are.


Why do Republicans think a white man openly carrying a loaded handgun is a citizen expressing their Second Amendment rights, but a black man openly carrying a loaded handgun is a suspected criminal, a latino man a suspected gang member, and a Middle-Eastern a suspected terrorist?

I thought the Second Amendment was color blind, except in the eyes of Republicans.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hate Crime

The Department of Justice should indict and prosecute George Zimmerman for a hate crime in his attack, assault and killing of Trayvon Martin, even if they lose in the end. They need to do this because it's the right thing to do for Trayvon, it's the right thing to do for justice, and it's the right thing to do for the American people. Just do it.

House Farm Bill

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed the Farm Bill which includes subsidies to corporate agriculture and even members of both the House and the Senate in Congress who own farms (actually they're just part owners and not the people who run it), but they exclude the entire Food Stamp Program, citing that will be taken up in another bill, meaning not.

So while members of Congress line their fat ass pockets with taxpayers' money they're not willing to put basic food on the table of working people and families who need food stamps to survive. They even refused to vote on an amendment banning members of Congress from receiving farm subsidies.

That's the message they sent to the people of America. They're in it for themselves and only themselves. And you still think the Republicans represent the American people?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson about Tumblr when you post a statement stating the term "Native American" only applies to American Indians since they were the first humans in North America about 12,000 years and were here before Europeans by all but the last 500-plus years of their time here.

I stated that people of European ancestry are not native in the sense of the ancestry, and that draws the conservatives on Tumblr out of the Internet to post comments. I posted it because I get tired of white people who claim their native not just by birth but by ancestry assuming the arrival of the Pilgrims were the first "real" people in North America.

I won't argue people can call themselves native by their birth, but they can't by the ancestry, but the truth is we're all immigrants from somewhere else, it's just depends on how far back you go in time and place.

Even Europeans are a hodgepodge of ancestries but many lived in relative isolation for many generations before integration by other people. American Indians crossed on the land bridge between Alaska and Russia between the ice ages.

From there they migrated down into Central America and Mexico by about 12,000 years BP. It's understood that native South Americans migrated from the South Pacific and then up to Central America  from their arrival in the southern areas of South America.

Europeans didn't arrive until the late 15th century but really a century or two later with the conquests in South America and the settlements in North America. That doesn't make them native is the same sense as the American Indians who were already here.

And that was my point, being native is relative to time and place.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Why do I get the impression the NRA is now what the FBI would classify as a "domestic terrorist organization" when they openly and publically advocate citizens to take up arms against the government?

That's what the newly elected president of the NRA said at the recent annual meeting in Houston, Texas when he said members should be armed and ready to fight the tyranny of the government and members should train themselves in the use of military style weapons to fight.

That isn't sugar coating their hate for the government, which is their and our government. It's outright treason to advocate violence and the overthrow of the government. These are the very people who benefit from the government and the freedom to buy as many guns and ammunition they want.

What's interesting is the FBI has said the top ten terrorist organization are domestic white supremacist groups and militias. To that now they can put the NRA at the top of the list. They are by far now the most dangerous group to the US government advocating the political and violent overthrow of the government.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Seattle Times

This week I read the announcement by the senior editor of the Seattle Times, available here to switch to subscription for their digital format (Website) newspaper. Ok, it's not only the trend but fair and good business. I couldn't agree more with this decision.

If folks don't know many newspapers now charge for Web access to their full digital format newspapers, started by the Wall Street Journal and picked up shortly afterward by other major newspapers and many smaller ones.

I subscribe to the New York Times digital service but not for their Website, for the Time Reader service which is different. It uses Adobe Air to deliver you the current daily newspaper with additional features over the print version along with a previous week of newspapers.

This is far better than any Website access because it's a separate reader and doesn't require continuous Internet connection except for the links in the articles. You download it and you're ready to read. You only download additional days if you want to read them. The whole paper is there in the Reader application.

This is what other newspapers should do as it's digital delivery than the reader has to access the Website, log into it, and then browser through the Web pages, which as anyone knows who read on-line newspapers, they suck.

Yes, they suck. They're bloated with the whole show up front you have to sort through to find the sections and articles you want to read than designed as a newspaper people like to read, eg. NY Times Reader.

While some of them offer the fascimile of today's newspaper, eg. Washington Post, it's hard to find what's new today and to browse sections like a print newspapers. I do read the Washington Post Website version but now only go to individual sections for what appears to be the latest.

That's because like all the major newspapers Websites, even the Washington Post is cluttered, distracting and confusing to readers. Why haven't they learned to make them easier to browse, find and read? I don't know but they're missing a customer base.

Anyway, for now I'll stick with the Sunday print edition of the Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times. Now if they had a reader service with the Website, then I'll be interested in them as I would if the Washington Post did likewise.

That said, it's their loss.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New Republicans

New! The new Republicans. Macro Rubio. The old republican values and message in new, young, minority republican. What's different? Nothing. It's just the same old political ingredients with a new label. Nothing's changed, just the messenger, just a younger version of the old white guys running the Republican party.

Fox News

The definition of Fox News: A political television network which trashes good people for profit and tells lies about anything for money, all in the name of and for the Republican party. A political television network where the people have no morals, no values, and no sense of human decency. A political televsion network which doesn't care about America, Americans and our democratic republic. A political televison network which spouts nothing but hate. All for money and profit for the Republican party.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


To MSNBC and your near constant reporting of the Dorner manhunt in Big Bear Lake area in California. STOP already. You keep showing the same news footage and repeating the same story, over and over and over again. I finally turned of the sound and went about my work.

The only things that matters now is when there is real news of about the manhunt and then I'll listen, maybe, but likely not since I'm full of this guy you're turning into a cult hero for those who hate the police and government. That's all you're doing, not informing, just helping the wrong people.

Your editorial frequently criticize the media for harping on the wrong stories and helping the wrong people, and you're doing exactly what you criticize, so why don't you see it and stop doing and get on with the other news. You can cut back when there's something new or different with the manhunt, preferably Mr. Dorner is dead.

I'm waiting for the State of the Union address, not your continual telling the same story about this manhunt. I'll turn the sound back on when you get to the President's speech.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filibuster Rules II

Well Senator Reid, you failed. Miserably, but not completely miserably. You’ve been in the Senate too long and are too conventional, too traditional, and you’re simply too rigid to gamble on the rules, so you caved to minority leader McConnell not to change anything but a few provisions.

What you did was to change the interior upholstry and call it a new car. It drives the same, handles the same and works the same. Any bets the Republicans already have plans to subvert and work around the new rules to still stymie legislation?

You had the chance to make real change and you were conned into a cosmetic changes. And you expect us to think that’s good and you’re worth being a leader? If it works, you’re right, but if it doesn’t we’ll have you to blame this time, not the Republicans.

You missed in January 2011 and again now. Any bets on the old adage about three strikes?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Filibuster Rules

Senator Reid, if you don’t change the filibuster rules to make it better for the Senate to debate and vote on bills in the Senate you will have shown the American people that you don’t have the balls to support the people and either you fear the Republicans or are in cahoots with the Republicans not to help the American people.

You are the majority leader of the Senate and the Democratic party in the Senate. What don’t you understand to get change in the filibuster rules and not cave to the Republicans? We don’t want you to be a friend to minority leader Senator McConnell. We want you to be a Democrat and a leader.

Do that! Change the fucking filibuster rules!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guns & Australia

This is the link to the letter to the editor of the New York Times today (1/17/2013) about the gun laws in Australia after a 1996 mass shooting of 35 people in Tasmania. His points are both relevant and salient to the discussion we're having now.

And remember John Howard, leader of Australia 1996-2007, was a conservative as was and are many of the people of Australia then and was the individual state and national governments then too. If they could and did regulate guns, then we can too.

It is time for America to bring the violence and guns themselves under control, as he says, "The fundamental problem was the ready availability of high-powered weapons, which enabled people to convert their murderous impulses into mass killing. Certainly, shortcomings in treating mental illness and the harmful influence of violent video games and movies may have played a role. But nothing trumps easy access to a gun. It is easier to kill 10 people with a gun than with a knife."

The editorial says it all doesn't it? Guns kill people because anyone can get one in the US. It is about people, access to guns and guns themselves. President Obama has it right, now it's time Congress do it right.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not really on hiatus

I would appear from the lack of recent posts I've been on hiatus for the Christmas and New Year's holidays and the new year. Not really. I've been posting on my original blog at wsrphoto and on my new Tumblr accounts. Still the same outrage at the world and stupid politicians, just different places.

I'll be back here now and then since I use this blog for the more outragous thoughts, views, rants and vents. It's that sometimes you have to try new places to see how it works and Tumblr is full of young people to see a different world and perspective. It's better than TV.