Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear HP

I was just on a Website where your 41-second ads were playing. I have to tell you that you and the ads suck for several reasons. First, while you may have been a good company (I have one of your printers), you're not anymore beyond just another computer company (you haven't updated your Mac utility applications for your printers). Second, the ads were set where you couldn't stop them or turn off the sound with the video controls, although they were there.

The last thing I want is to visit a Website and hear a really dumb HP ad and then discover I can't control it except to go somewhere else. I don't like your computers, or anyone which runs any Microsoft operating system or applications (my Mac is MS free) for that matter, so hearing a dumb ad for yours doesn't encourage me to think you have good products or services. You can argue all you want about Apple and Mac's, they're still better than yours.

Now if you would just update your printer untilities, I might have some reason to think differently, a little maybe, but not about the ads. Those you can stuff them in the bit bucket with all the other digital trash. And by the way, the ads themselves also suck, or at least the first 5 second did before I clicked to go somewhere else.