Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sorry Mr Cain

Some thoughts on the republican campaign. Ok, besides being a complete waste of time to follow, let alone pay attention. But that said, here are some thoughts.

First, Mr. Cain is a joke. From my years as a supervisor undergoing sexual harrassment training and some incidents of it in the office I worked, I can say the charges are fair and correct, and with respect to his continual denial and then incremental admissions, face it, you're a sexist in the office. I've seen enough people like you in denial, it doesn't work.

You're also a racist, but not against white but blacks. You can't denigrate black people and play the race card and then whine when you're called for it or it's used against you. That's hypocritical and you know it, and you can't it for political advantage. But we see through it and you. You just an ordinary, everyday racist.

You're economic and tax plan would be a disaster to this country. As Rachael Maddow noted on Friday's (11/4/11) show, your whole campaign is a cruel joke on your followers and the voters. Pokemon is a cartoon show not a poet and your 9-9-9 idea is already taken. You're not qualified to be a candidate and definitely not president.

Second, if all the politicians did what they said, like run government like a business, everyone in Congress would have long been fired as incompetent. But even that and the thought doesn't matter, our government is not a business. It's that simple you can't run government like a business. It's entirely different and running it like a business would bankrupt the country and the people.

No business would hire a politician. They're only hired after they leave Congress to board of directors, think tanks, as spokespersons or similar useless positions for great pay and benefits and little real work. Only those who built their own or work for organizations, like Clinton or Carter, have succeeded to disprove the idea. The rest become empty figureheads. Ok, I'm open to more good examples.

Third, can we actually get some real debates, like long discussions on the issues to show their grasp of the complexity of the issues and the answers. But then would we really want that, knowing all of them are essentially clueless on many issues and idiots on the rest of the issues? But I'm open to be proven wrong.

I'll think of more thoughts, and like everyone else, just my opinion, equal in worth and value to everyone else's, and sometimes just as useless.