Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Quick Note

Just a quick note to say I haven't updated this blog in weeks and probably won't for weeks if not months for awhile. The reason is very simple. I'm tired of all the poltical crap from the Republicans, especially the Tea Party, and I'm tired of the presidential campaign. We still have have another 14 months of anger, hate, and whatever else the candidates want to dish out and blame the ills of the country, the economy and anything else on President Obama.

And I'm angry the number of people eating this crap up as truth. It's nothing but cow pasture material, something ranchers and diary farmers know better to avoid, but it's coming out of their mouths every day. My ears are tired and my brain is fried from this stuff. I stopped listening or watching any news about the campaign and the candidates.

And I can barely stand listening to the President. He should get a backbone, some balls and a voice. It's not his style but it will be his demise if he doesn't. Either he has bad advisors or he not heeding their advice. And he's not listening to all those outside the White House who are giving him good advice what he should do to get re-elected.

And I can barely stand to hear him turn republican. He's jettisoning his base for the moderates and center thinking we'll be there next year because there is no one else. But he's mistaken when we don't write the checks or donate to his campaign. Most of his money is coming from big donors, many of whom also fund Republican candidates.

And I can't stand the Republicans in Congress, especially in the House, sitting on their hands doing nothing except talk in front of cameras to blame everyone but themselves, even for their lack of progress. And they're sitting on their hands in the Senate to filibuster everything, saying they want Obama to be a one-term president.

They want to and will trash this country, the economy, Americans for the White House. They're willing to keep us in a recession and more so put us in a depression to blame Obama. Like we don't see that? Like we're that stupid? They actually think we believe them.

Sadly, though, many do and sadly many more are blaming Obama, some of which is his fault, but most of which is the work of the banks, financial and investments companies, the corporations and everything but Obama. But he's an easy target who doesn't fight back.

And so I'll keep my sanity for awhile and this blog will be on an on-off vacation.