Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Does it occur to you that Mitt Romney is conducting his presidential campaign as if he was taking over a company for Bain Capital? He's using a take no prisoners approach, attack and condemn anyone opposing him, tell everyone whatever they want to hear while not meaning any of it, and do whatever it take to win.

That's his campaign strategy and tactics and not just winning the campaign is the goal but bludgeoning the President into oblivion, like he bludgeoned companies into bankruptcy and employees into unemployment without any retirement or health insurance. His approach is leave no one alive, leave them on the floor of this economy and in their lives, bankrupt.

And that's his plan, just lie. Tell whatever it takes to win votes. The facts and the truth are victims left long ago and never spoken again. That's his style, smile, lie and chuckle if caught telling a lie or contradicting himself. Self-denial of history is his trademark response.

Don't believe it? Well, consider he's never full disclosed his financial records to know how much money he has and earns and where all his money is located. We know much of it is offshore, but after that we don't know how it's invested to earn the income he receives from those investments.

We know he's Mormon, but has he ever spoken seriously about his faith and about his practice of mormonism? We know he has served as a teacher and elder of some stature in the chruch. He hasn't confirmed he contributes the percentage of his income required by the church to the church.

What's he afraid of discussing his faith and mormonism? Don't we know why? He's afraid of the backlash he'll admit he's a true believer of the Mormon faith (religion or cult is your choice). He's afraid to admit his own private and personal faith while he attacks President Obama on his faith.

This is a guy who'll lie to you while keeping a straight face. He only cares about Mormons and rich people, and the latter is optional because they're only there to write the checks for the promises he's made if he becomes president to repay them several times over with tax cuts and taxpayers money in subsidies and contracts.

He sees the government as the bank account of a company to raid, steal and distribute to his the wealthy friends and to the corporations. Just as he did for any company he bought when he worked for Bain Capital, to enrich the company, his friends and more over himself. Rob from the public to help the rich.

That's his plan and do and say whatever it takes. And you think he'd make a good president? With that record? Who would believe or trust him as president?