Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, blame the Taliban. The US and NATO's handy excuse when thing go wrong. The Army is reporting that the British hostage killed in an attempt by US special forces to rescue her was killed not by a Taliban bomb near her but by a US gernade thrown into the room where she was being held. Oops doesn't begin to describe thngs.

And over 100 trucks, about 40 loaded with fuel, were destroyed waiting on the Pakistan side of the Khyber Pass while Pakisan negoitated with the US and NATO over their incurions of attack helicopters into the Pakistan Tribal areas, one attack killing two Pakistani soldiers. Exactly who are we fighting there? And why?

The sad reality is that there is no answer to Afghanistan and no easy exit leaving a stable country, ever. But we should stop calling everyone killed by US or NATO forces insurgents, many are innocent Afghan or Pakistani civilians, and then blaming the Taliban or Al Qaeda because it sounds good.

When will the military learn the American public learn about the BS in the military's PR from the Vietnam war, but they haven't changed their tone and tune, it's still "Just Blame the Enemy" song, over and over again? And when will the media keep playing it because it sells war, fear and hate to the American people?