Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quick Update

Obviously I haven't posted here in awhile, like 4 months! Ok, tardiness is an nice excuse but not a good reason. The short answer is that while I'm still angry with the events, people and situations in the world, I'm not angry enough to rant or vent about it, especially here. I'm run short of the energy to translate thought into page. And the reason for the lack of sufficient anger is, as you might expect, health issues, life and work. Or the other way around in no particular order.

You see I've had a number of health issues which are critical or serious to cause hospitalization or some such medical intervention, but just a bunch of irritating and frustrating issues which have left me tired most of the time, physically and mentally. Irritating in that it's taken away my ability to travel unless planned day(s) in advance and frustating because it's defying the physicians and specialist who are going through the tests for the obvious.

You see they have to run down the list of obvious causes and go through the various tests to discover if it's the problem and cause, or not. And so far, it's a lot of nots, and one close one which didn't pass the tests, except it's something with the same symptoms. And it's likely there isn't a treatment to help and especially a cure. That's because it's probably something known but only by a few specialists or one who is trying to find it.

So,that's the story about why I haven't posted and probably won't for awhile more. The news still makes me mad as do stupid people, especially elected ones, even the President at times. What a SOB these days. But the Republicans are far worse, to the point they're not even hiding the fact they're lying about everything. They don't care anymore. The party of no to the people.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I'll keep you posted if things change.