Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Why do I get the impression the NRA is now what the FBI would classify as a "domestic terrorist organization" when they openly and publically advocate citizens to take up arms against the government?

That's what the newly elected president of the NRA said at the recent annual meeting in Houston, Texas when he said members should be armed and ready to fight the tyranny of the government and members should train themselves in the use of military style weapons to fight.

That isn't sugar coating their hate for the government, which is their and our government. It's outright treason to advocate violence and the overthrow of the government. These are the very people who benefit from the government and the freedom to buy as many guns and ammunition they want.

What's interesting is the FBI has said the top ten terrorist organization are domestic white supremacist groups and militias. To that now they can put the NRA at the top of the list. They are by far now the most dangerous group to the US government advocating the political and violent overthrow of the government.