Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On vacation

As you can see I haven't posted here since November 16th of this year (2009). Well, I still read the newspapers and articles, listen to NPR radio shows and watch documentaries. I just didn't find enough anger to write here. I went in other directions, which you can see here about the healthcare reform, or lack of it, legislation going through Congress.

We will get some reform, whatever they want to call it to put a positive spin on it for our votes. But I'm not convinced it's good reform because I know my premiums won't go down and my coverage won't improve. So what's reform there? Anyway, that's not the point here, but simply I choose to take a break from being angry at the news of the world and the people reporting it to enjoy winter.

It's that simple, give the mind a rest to find some semblence of peace within the larger world of chaos. So in my little corner, the anger will be minimized. Not the obscure perspective of the news, nor the out of the box or off-hand idea about the news, just the words on the screen. It's time to do as I wish for everyone. Have a good holiday season.