Thursday, April 16, 2015


 Hmm...,going or coming?
 There's places to see!
 But don't be long now.
 You still have to be!

If you haven't noticed, this individual blog hasn't been used much,  nothing in nearly two years. This is because I've moved a lot of my short rants or vents on life and politics to my Tumblr account where I can post all sorts of random thoughts and stuff.

The point is I won't delete this blog but simply continue to pretty much ignore it as lengthier posts will be on my normal photography blog with a bunch of other stuff about computers, etc. So good luck in life and remember to get away from the computer now and then.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mens Warehouse ads

To the Men's Warehouse ads which says, "We make you look good.", I can only say, "An asshole in a good looking suit is still an asshole."

Monday, July 22, 2013

Paying Taxes

Despite what you think about illegal immigrants, they pay taxes. In fact they pay almost all of the same taxes we pay, including social security, medicare taxes, unemployment taxes, property taxes (often through their landlord), local and state taxes, gasoline taxes, and most of all, sales taxes.

The only tax they don't often pay is income tax because they don't have a social security number  for the IRS to file a tax return, but their employer(s) often deducts federal, state and local taxes from their pay check. Only those being paid under the table don't pay these taxes, but still pay other taxes.

So don't say they don't pay taxes, they do.

Government Spying

If the government is spying on every citizen without a warrant, why aren't they spying on corporations for their criminal activities? Oh wait, I forgot, the corporations own our government.

Not that's it our government, bought and paid for with our taxes, which the government uses against us and gives to corporations in tax breaks, subsidies, grants and contracts.

Maybe "we the people" should become a corporation and buy back our government. Oh wait, that would be a crime, hence why they're spying on us. They don't trust us and think we're the enemy.

Oh wait, we are.


Why do Republicans think a white man openly carrying a loaded handgun is a citizen expressing their Second Amendment rights, but a black man openly carrying a loaded handgun is a suspected criminal, a latino man a suspected gang member, and a Middle-Eastern a suspected terrorist?

I thought the Second Amendment was color blind, except in the eyes of Republicans.