Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filibuster Rules II

Well Senator Reid, you failed. Miserably, but not completely miserably. You’ve been in the Senate too long and are too conventional, too traditional, and you’re simply too rigid to gamble on the rules, so you caved to minority leader McConnell not to change anything but a few provisions.

What you did was to change the interior upholstry and call it a new car. It drives the same, handles the same and works the same. Any bets the Republicans already have plans to subvert and work around the new rules to still stymie legislation?

You had the chance to make real change and you were conned into a cosmetic changes. And you expect us to think that’s good and you’re worth being a leader? If it works, you’re right, but if it doesn’t we’ll have you to blame this time, not the Republicans.

You missed in January 2011 and again now. Any bets on the old adage about three strikes?

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