Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twenty to One

Using the latest and most advanced weapons in the US and Israeli military, noting many of the weapon system and weapons used by Israel are provided by the US military with the approval of the Secretary of Defense and the President, Israel is inflicting casualties and damage on an order of magnitude and greater ratio, sometimes as much as twenty to one.

All the while Israel claims itself, and not Hamas which uses unguided, non-warhead, explosive rockets provided by Iran and perhaps Egypt, to be the innocent victim of the aggressive tactics of Hamas in Gaza, and against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Really Israel? It takes two sides to wage war, and there is no mistaking the complete military superiority of the Israel military against Hamas and Hezbollah. You can't claim self-defense when you are attacking Gaza, as you did in southern Lebanon, with such fire power and verocity to kill and injure innocent people at a twenty to one ratio.

You can't claim anything, and you can only accept blame for not just continuing this war but accelerating it in the name of the falsehood if self-defense. Both sides are wrong. Both sides are the agressors. Both sides destroy lives and property.

And both side don't have the right to claim anything except being the enemy of human rights. But more so you, Israel, have shown you have no limits when it comes to anyone you call your enemy when it's clear innocent Palestinians are not the enemy of Israel, only in your words.

You, Israel, have the power to cease this war and you haven't and won't because you want it to continue. You want to inflict massive damage and casualties to innocent Palestinians for no reason than hate. No reason than you can. No reason than you want.

That's the definition of a war monger, not a peace loving nation and people Israel is at its heart, in its soul, and with its spirit. I won't argue the extremist elements in Hamas and Hezbollah are equally guilty of crimes against innocent people, Israelis and others in Israel. I won't argue factions in Iran and Egypt are guilty of helping perpetuate their hate against Israel and Israelis.

But when will it end? When will you, Israel, decide twenty to one is enough and maybe one to one talks are better? Why do you keep perpetuating your fear of a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis and let the Palestinians live in peace in Gaza?

When will you let them be a fully independent territory controlling their own land, people, resources, etc., and develop into an economic independent state for Palestinians? Is a peaceful, economically independent Gaza a better neighbor?

Won't they cease the Hamas extremist themselves in the name of their own peace knowing the sheer military power of Israel can wipe them off the map? Why can't that be the future than perpetual war? It's in your hands, Israel, so why won't you pursue peace than war?

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