Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Senate Democrats

To the Democrats in the Senate, especially the leadership and Harry Reid. Please, really please, do the following at the beginning of the next session in accordance with the rules for the session.

One, either eliminate the filibuster or reduce the vote to override it to a simple majority.

Two, prohibit filibusters and especially holds on judicial and political appointments. All go through the committee(s) and then to the floor for a straight up or down vote without any Senator putting a hold on it or filibustering it.

Three, prohibit hold on bills and restrict them to just filibusters, see rule one.

Four, put the rules in writing and not just polite agreements Reid made with McConnell and then reniged.

Last, enforce rules one, two and three. You didn't do this last time, see rule four.

If you don't do these and you chicken out on real reform, you hamper getting anything done by the Democrats this new session and hamstring the President but mostly you hurt America and Americans.

It's that simple, think of us than yourself. Think of the country than yourself. Think about getting things done than playing politics.

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