Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Haven't We Learned?

When it comes for the exit of the American military from Aghanistan why haven't we learned from Vietnam? Afghanistan isn't America. Afghanistan isn't our country. Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan government and people.

We can't keep thinking we'll be remembered there, like naming places, like establishing programs we think they'll continue when we know they won't, or like thinking all the American soldiers who died will be remembered there.

Do you think the Vietnanese people remember where American soldiers died? All the names of the names of the place the American military named? All the programs we left?

And we expect something different in Afghanistan and from the Afghan government and people?

Why don't we learn from our mistakes?

Occupation is occupation, and the occupied forgets the occuppier when they leave. It's history, and we haven't learned to keep repeating it.

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