Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Do They

Why do the Republicans want to trash the economy, trash this nation, and especially trash the American people, the poor and middle class, simply to preserve tax cuts for the wealthy, the top 1-2% of this country?

Why to they insist the 98+% of Americans take cuts in their income while everything increases around them where many are already financially sinking and many more could and will financially sink over the coming years if nothing is done?

Why do they insist in making us pay the price when the wealthy and corporations are getting off paying little and in many cases, no taxes? Yeah, I'm one who thought Romney didn't release his tax returns because some years he little if any taxes.

No one argues the Republicans only lost 9 seats in the House and still have a 20+ seat majority to play with for legislation. But they should not forget that if they persist over the next two years of sticking with the ideology on taxes, we get to decide their fate again in the 2014 elections.

You can bet the President will campaign against the Republicans as the obstacle to progress on the economy, on this country and on the poor and middle class. And you can beat the Democrats will make the Republican intransigence the issue in the 2014 election.

You can bet the American people are taking notice and will remember who helped them and who not only didn't help them but wanted to hurt them. So, Republicans take note. Compromise or find yourself fired in two years.

The 2014 election won't be about social issues. It will be about personal economic and financial issues. Our issues. Our financial survival. And we are taking notes about who is our friend and who is our enemy.

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