Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Didn't Happen


Saying what you would have done over the last four years instead of what President Obama did isn't proof of what would have happened if you had been president, only what you would hope would have happened, which we know didn't happen and wouldn't happen because it simply just your imagination, not reality.

Having been a CEO isn't being the president. Having been a governor isn't being the president. Neither have anything to do with being president, so saying so isn't just a false statement, it's a lie, pure and simple. You can say all you want, nothing you say has any truth or relevance to being president.

You didn't have to work with the republicans in House, who vowed to do nothing for this president but everything for their social agenda. You didn't have to work with the republicans in the Senate who filibusters everything and left the democrats effectively useless to accomplish very much.

But the President did succeed with the reality he faced, something you can say you would be better but can't prove it. That's all you have to sell yourself, words, just words, which you seem to change every day, even within the same day. And we're expected not to notice?

Do you really think we, the voters, are that deaf, that short-minded, and that stupid? You must think so because you keep talking like we are in your mind. You sell us "Change", but almost all your advisors were in the George Bush administration. And that's change? Going back?

Oh, I see, just change from the present, not necessarily good or better change, just old change. Now I see your plan, to deceive us into thinking going backward is going forward, and promising the same things Bush promised.

And how did that turn out? And it's why you don't really care enough about us to be honest? Truthful?

You can save your breath, we know the answer.

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