Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Republicans

If  the Republican members of the house feared the extreme right in this recent election, especially through the primary campaign, to agree with them only to find they have to move back to the center during the election campaign against their democratic opponent, there is something that can be done to increase the pressure on them.

A Republicans who have a moderate or center-right view of the political issues should run against the incumbent putting the incumbent smack in the middle between the far right and the center moderates, and make the incumbent try to dance around their views against both sides.

The Republican members (incumbents) fear the far right so much they're not paying attention to the center or moderates in their own party, which opens the door for the moderates to win primary elections because the people are tired of incumbents and because moderates support Americans for jobs, taxes, health insurance, etc., and even thinks the President, while a democrat, is a good President.

There is a great opportunity for the traditional conservative and moderate Republicans to return and win. The incumbents, if they keep going as they are now, will be very much hated for protecting the wealthy and corporations and being the block to our economic recovery.

So, please traditional Republicans, run again, and make the 2014 campaign and election worth something.

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