Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mr Boehner

Mr Boehner, After listening to the speech at your press conference just now, I can only say you are so full of (political) shit you need your own sewage treatment plant. I need a dairy farmer's hip boots to wade through all the political rhetoric to see it's all just political gas.

The truth is you don't plan to do anything different. You only plan to put a new coat of political paint over it to hide the smell. You don't think we don't remember the last two years of the most ineffective and unproductive House of Representatives in a generation?

We do, and dressing it up only reminds the listener about the tale of the emperor without any clothes. You're butt naked and politically intoleratant and ignorant of the American people. Yes, we will remember you in two years if nothing changes.

Being well tanned and well dressed doesn't change what we know and heard. You're just a politician in a cheap suit, lying like you think we'll believe you, that you're serious and honest. Yeah, right, like the last two years?

We're not stupid and we know political shit when he hear it. You can't hide the smell with your style. It's still political shit.

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