Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Really Israel?

The Israeli government announced they achieved their goal with the recent 8 days of exchanging unguided, explosive (non-warhead) rockets from Gaza into Israel with latest US military precision guided, warhead missiles into Gaza, which was (from UK Guardian)

"Israel's political leadership claimed on Thursday that the eight-day military offensive in Gaza achieved its single goal of restoring calm to the south of the country, while acknowledging the durability of the ceasefire would be tested in the coming days and weeks.>

"We had one simple goal: to restore quiet to the border," said the deputy prime minister, Dan Meridor. "That limited goal was fully achieved." However, he added, it remained to be seen whether a lasting peace was in place.

Really? Why do I get the impression the war wasn't about the border or peace in Israel, but about killing Palenstinian when about 10 Palestinians were killed or injured for each Israeli killed or injured, including several Palestinian leaders who could only have been killed with precision guided missiles.

But in the end, this said it (from UK Guardian):

"I've really tried to understand the Israelis. I used to work on a farm inIsrael. I speak Hebrew. I watch their news. All the time they talk about fear. How they have to run to their bunkers to hide from the rockets. How their children can't sleep because of the sirens. This is not a good way for them to live," said Khoudry, who now scrapes a living growing his own produce.

We Palestinians don't talk about fear, we talk about death. Our rockets scare them; their rockets kill us. We have no bomb shelters, we have no sirens, we have nowhere we can take our children and keep them safe. They are scared. We are dying.

Somehow I get the impression the war wasn't about the border or peace in southern Israel. It was about killing Palestinians and some of their leaders. It was about overwhelming Gaza and the Palestinians with firepower to demostrate Israel's power to annihilate them if they so chose.

To date Israel has violated 65 UN resolutions about the Middle East, specifically the Palestinians and both Gaza and the West Bank. The Palestinians have not violated any UN resolution.

And yet the US and Britain veto any UN Security Council condemnation of Israel and condones Israel oppressive control of the borders with Gaza and the West Bank and the suppression of Palestinians to freely travel in or between those territories.

And the US considers the legitimately elected government of Hamas in Gaza and the group Hezbollah in the West Bank as terrorists organization and only diplomatically with Fatah, the elected government in the West Bank.

According the US government it's ok to give untold money to organizations helping Israel as the US government gives billions in economic and military aid in money, weapons, etc. to Israel, but it is illegal  in the US to give money to any Palestinian organization, or the US says but often can't prove.

The US and Isreal are complicit in the plan to not just oppress Palestinians but to annihilate them where any talks of a homeland, the two state solution, isn't feasible and the oppression can continue. Neither the US or Israel want peace but continued war.

And we, the American people, accept it. Who's really to blame? Our government or ourselves for acquiescing our government's actions?

When will the US government recognize the full right of the Palestinian people to exist in peace in their homeland and strive to ensure that goal?

And when will the US government stop supporting Israel with weapons only used to kill Palestinians and when will it condemn Isreal for violating UN resolutions?

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