Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let Me See

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The Affordable Care Act has provisions, demanded by the states, to let them set up health insurance exchanges in lieu of the proposal to establish a federal health insurance program for people who can't afford private health insurance.

The states had until this week to let the federal government know if they plan to set up these exchanges for their state, something they demanded to show it could be better done by the state, something to show states are more innovative and creative for their people, and something to show states care about their people.

Now many of those states with Republican governors are informing the federal government they won't set up these exchanges and will let the federal government do it for them, create, manage and operate the exchange for the people of their states.

Really? You wanted the control, demanded it, and then got it, and now you're abdicating your promise and responsibility to the people of your state? You don't care about them?

Or is that a political move to have the federal government, which you accused of trying to create a socialized, universal health insurance and healthcare system, like Medicare to help people and Medicaid the states so richly get federal funds, to have the exchanges in your state to make the same claim again?

Yeah, you asked for control and then refused it when it was given, and now you can bitch and whine about the fact you don't have it? Do you really think the people of your state are that stupid not to see the sham of it?

Let me see, is the correct? You wanted it and then you didn't, you demanded it and then said you don't want it, and now you want to claim you the federal government is being big brother for something you asked them to do for you?

Really governors? I hope you're up for re-election in 2014 and those people you hate get to decide your fate and you decided their fate with health insurance. You won't be able to cry foul then.

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