Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If Romney Wins

Update.--Well this post is kinda' obsolete now (11/9/12), but still it was worth the thought.

Reading David Brooks' column in the NY Times today I have to say if Romney should win Senator Harry Reid should do what Senator Mitch McConnell did when Obama was elected president, when he said in early 2009 his goal "was to make the president a one-term president."

The Democrats in the Senate should take a pledge not to go along with anything Romney says or wants, simply make Romney move to the center-left than stay in the right-extreme right stance his backers will accept and expect of him.

The Republicans know the Democrats always cave on issues to appease than fight, and if Romney wins they should do what the Republicans did in Obama's first term, stand on principle and refuse to negotiate, compromise and agree.

In short, stand and fight. Every time during Obama's first term the Republicans agreed to a compromise with the Democrats and the President, and then reniged to vote for it and move the goal posts for a new compromise, until the compromise was almost all conservative and little liberal in value.

The Democrats buckled and caved everytime and the Republicans knew they would. So if Romney wins, you can bet they'll do it again, but this time the Democrats should just stand there and say no. I would not want to hear Senator Reid announce a compromise which hurts Amercians and America.

And I know he will. He's not strong enough to stand up to the Republicans. He appeases them every time. It's time the Democrats in the Senate replace him as the majority leader to get someone tougher. Senator Reid is a great backroom negotiator but a bad leader.

This is where they will have their chance, their only chance, to make Romney be a one-term president and show he was all talk and no substance, the same thing the Republicans accuse the President Obama of being when they refused to negotiate and compromise.

If Romney wins the Democrats should simply decide not to make this president look good, and make the Republican learn the lesson, "What goes around, comes around.", right back to haunt them with their own deeds.

If Romney wins I'd prefer to see another do nothing Congress than a Romney one.

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