Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Romney?

Why do I get the impression that Mitt Romney wants so much to be the President, but that he has no idea what being the President means and what the President does?

Why does he make me Romney thinks being the President is like being the CEO of Bain Capital?

Why does he remind me of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, just empty political people who are filled  with whatever those around him feed him to know and say?

Why does he remind me of a talking windup doll you record your message and it repeats what you recorded?

Why does he make me wonder if he ever had a thought of his own?

If Romney never read any of he briefing reports on foreign affairs and policy and never listened to any of his campaign advisors on foreign affairs and policy, why do we think he'll be a good President with other nations?

Does Romney really think if he were elected President and he sat down with the Democrats they would actually listen to what he wanted them to do? Does he actually think he's their boss?

If George Bush only read one page summaries for briefing papers and Mitt Romney doesn't read any of them, do we really think he'd be a better President than Bush?

If we have so many unanswerable questions about Romney, why do we think he's worth being our President? We bet the nation with Bush and looked what happend.

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