Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Perfect Job

The perfect job for a bully? The CEO of Bain Capital.

If you watched the two presidential debates, and read about Romney's career, without a doubt by todays standards in school districts, he'd be a bully. Not a leader but a gang leader who doesn't just imitidate and threaten but acts on his aggression toward people.

He doesn't really care about or for people, but especially minorites, women, the elderly, the poor, and so on down the list of people who aren't in his small circle of people he calls friends. It's in the "47%" remark he made behind closed doors to big money donors.

It's in the first debate where he bullied Jim Lehrer and the President, and in the second debate where he tried to bully Candy Crowley and the President and was flustered and frustrated when Ms. Crowley controlled the debate as moderator and the President went on the offensive.

That's what bullies do, cower in the face of strong opposition, and it's what he did. While being a CEO of a private equity firm which buys and sells companiesd may be the perfect job for Romney, it's not the job for a president.

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