Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Do the republicans really believe if they ban, even outlaw, abortion, there will be no more abortions? Do they really think women won't stop considering abortion as an option about her health and her life, especially if she was a victim of rape or incest?

Do they really think a woman will happily bring a pregnancy to birth if she survived a rape or incest? Do they really think a woman will continue her pregnancy if her doctors tell her life is at risk or she will not survive to birth?

Do they really think a woman will change her mind to have an abortion for whatever reasons because a man says she should continue her pregancy? Are they really that naive and stupid? Really?

Do they really think woman can't decide for themselves about their reproductive health, their body and their life? Because that's what it's about, them and no one else, and especially republicans. They have no place in a woman's decision about her pregnancy.

It's not about the definition of life. It's not about a fetus. It's not about God and the Bible. It's about women. And it's the old question, if men were the ones who got pregnant, would be accept the same fate if women controlled them?

The answers are clear and obvious, but not to republicans, who can't see past their own arrogance.

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