Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Debate

Well, I listened to the first presidential debate, had the TV on in the living room and the sound in the office, so I didn't have to watch it and could judge by their words. Well, in the end it was pretty much a waste of time, too much said and totally jumbled and confusing.

I won't argue I was mad the President didn't attack Romney on his stance and his lies and changes during the debate, but now I think the President, while taking the high road and not attacking, did better than we thought, mostly because it's clear Romney was the bully.

But I think two things show it best. First this cartoon. There wasn't much Romney said that wasn't factually true or true to his campaign to date.

And second this graph (click to enlarge), see Daily Kos article.

In the end, Romney gained very little and Obama gained where it mattered, among independents. Romney clearly moved to the center just for the debate to get independents, and they clearly saw it for what it was, political pandering.

Now the President knows what Romney will do and can counter it during the next two debates, but more importantly, Romney doesn't know what the President will do or say. The President sacrificed a few pawns but won bigger pieces and is set to win more, and all Romney can do is continue to bully and whine.

For that are the two true and certain things we learned about Romney, he's a bully and a whiner.

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