Wednesday, October 17, 2012


One, why do I get the feeling from Mitt Romney's speeches, his demeanor, his attitude, etc., that he actually thinks if he were president, his sheer presence as president will make people respond to his commands, nations will do whatever he asks, and Congress will bow to him and pass any bill he wants?

Why, or is he just simply so arrogant he doesn't see he's arrogant and everyone else sees it and doesn't give a fuck about him?

Does he really think the President of China will cower at his presence? Will fold and do what he wants when he says he'll be "tough" on China?

Does he really think the President of Syria will leave simply because he demands it? And will cower in the fear of the US military attacking his country?

Why does he think that his presence is power? And he will is command? Is that why he's never been in a job where he wasn't the boss?

Two, why does he think we don't have a memory of what he has said, and when he says something which conflicts, even contradicts, and he is called out, he simply denies or ignores it?

Why, or is he so arrogant he believes people will believe anything he says at the moment with no memory of his past statements?

Anyway, just some obvious observations about an arrogant, perpetual liar, a candidate for President.

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