Monday, October 29, 2012

Being Outspoken

The problem with people who are outspoken and willing to say something for the lack of anything significant let alone important to say is that they often, and some usually, speak before thinking and so their words, their intent and the meaning is lost in the obvious stupidity of the statement.

We all know someone like this. The problem is that they rarely know they're doing this and they rarely apologize beyond explaining what they meant to say but didn't. The truth is that the spoke what they thought, only they weren't thinking at the time.

And we know Mitt Romney seems to have a habit of this in this election campaign, others aren't far behind. Roseanne Barr is a good example of a recent comment or tweet she had to step back with an explantion, but she didn't think to stop talking first, but simply said what was in her mind.

And just as often these people think their comments aren't hurtful or harmful because, "it's who they are.", meaning honest, straight-forward people, except of course discriminating against classes or groups of people who in their mind don't count anyway.

Anyway, I think it's funny we make a storm out of their comment when they were oblivious to the effect and impact of it and then simply make an excuse and forget. They are the human and verbal version of the fire and forget missile.

Except we don't. And they never understand.

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