Monday, January 31, 2011

Leave Government alone

This is more a note to President Obama and the folks he appointed to reorganize the federal government agencies. And my message is very simple, don't. I would urge you to tinker and make it more effective and efficient but any significant reorganization will only hamper their operation and work for years, and in the end, more likely not to prove to be better than before along with introducting new problems.

All you have to do is look the the reorganization to create the Homeland Security Administration. It hasn't make government more effective or efficient and only add more government management layers and bureacurcy, costing taxpayers money during the tranistion and for the current operation. It didn't make the agencies work better together. It didn't make them seemless for the flow of information. And while it did improve communications, that could have been done easier before the reorganization.

And all you have to do is look at the Mineral Managment Service, charged with overseeing the oil industry, including drlling, oil withdrawl, and production along with the collection of royalities. As we seen the consolidation only made the MMS employees friends with the industry, creating the BP disaster in the Gulf. And we know the MMS has long overlooked the collection of royalities for the public.

And you want to do more of this? Please don't. You can tinker all you want, but don't offer any major reorganization plan to Congress. It will be contentuous and take years, and for what, nothing. There is room to improve government agencies, but many of them work very well and the apparent contradiction and overlaps helps make better decisions and provided better management of our resources.

So, there's not much I can add to this beyond, just leave it alone. We don't want or need a reorganization if it's anything like the HSA and MMS. Just tinker to improve it to make it more efficient and effective. Don't waste taxpayers' money now and afterward.

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