Friday, January 7, 2011

Job Killing Republicans

I'm going to give the Republicans their own words, not just because I'm angry at their blind stupidity to use "job-killing" to describe anything Democratic or Presidential, even in spite of the truth, and not because almost all of the ideas the Democrats have proposed in the recent past were at one time if not originally Republican ideas and sold as "job-creating", but because it's simply a useless term for short-term political gain.

The Republicans decided shortly after Obama was inaugurated to say no to anything Democratic and especially anything proposed by him even if they not only like the idea but have in the past proposed and pushed the idea. It's known they are the part of "No" on everything, including their own. But now they're into catch-phrases of the day and this is one which has no basis in truth or reality and just shows how far they will go to be stupid.

It doesn't bother them that 4.4 million jobs were lost under President Bush's 8 years in office and we were bleeding jobs when Obama came into office. Anything Republican then was good for the economy, every other countries' economy except ours if you exclude Wall Street who got super rich on the poor and middle class Americans with bad mortage marketing, high interest rates on everything, and providing less than decent wages and benefits.

Now everything is "job-killing" for no reason than just adding it to the idea. But what I haven't heard from the Republicans is what do they have that will create good American jobs, like here in America. It was noted that business created 1. 4 million jobs in 2009, overseas, not in this country. While they talk about jobs, those jobs aren't for us, but cheap foreign labor where they don't pay benefits.

And now they're targetting government employees with pay freezes, benefit cuts and even layoff and terminations. The more with less idea that never works. It's all designed for political reasons to get more money to the wealthy and more so the corporations. They can't create jobs here, they never have in the last two decades. They don't want to see that jobs creates wealth which helps the economy through spending.

So, to the Republicans I want to ask you now that you have the House, to offer job-creating bills that will create good jobs here for the whole range of Americans, not just those you think are worthy, but everyone. That's American and America. Or are you too chicken to help us?

Or maybe I should start using "Republican-killing" to describe what are the alternatives? Gee, Sharon Angle called it "Second Amendment remedies" when describing what alternatives people should use with the Democrats when they didn't like the results.

Or maybe I should use "America-killing" to describe your ideas because that's what you're doing, bleeding America and Americans for the wealthy and corporations. Maybe if you got outside your rich whites-only world you'd see you're in a very small minority where no one likes men who whine and cry, especially in public.

Or mabybe I should use "job-killing" to all the Republican ideas. Hey, I like that. Thanks for the slogan. From now on anything the Republicans propose will be met with "job-killing" before I say anything else. No thinking required, just it's "job-killing" this or that, whatever it is, just "job-killing" because it will be true when applied to you.

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