Sunday, January 23, 2011

Separating Gun and Shooter

The NRA has made the foundation of their political strategy and tactics over guns that there is a separation of any guy and the shooter. They wrote about the Tuscon shooter, "The tragedy in Tucson was not about firearms, ammunition or magazine capacity," said Ted Novin, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry group. "It was about the actions of a madman. Period."

This is how they have dismissed all the mass shooting in the last two or more decades. It's all about the shooter, normal, law-abiding gun owner one moment and crazed madman the next. And all that separates those moments are the action of a gun owner using his weapon. That moment has no separation.

The gun owner knew the power of the gun and meant to do the most harm killing people he could. Our recent history is replete with mass shooting using semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons with high capacity magazines or with multiple magazines to reload quickly. The guns ranged from handguns to assault rifle, weapons designed for one purpose, kill people.

And the NRA cites the reason for high capacity magazines as, ""Law-abiding private citizens choose them for many reasons, including the same reason police officers do: to improve their odds in defensive situations.", except all of the mass shooting are not defensive sitiuations but offensive situations to kill the most number of people.

The NRA's argument in today's reality doesn't hold water. And Congress needs to step up and pass laws for the safety and security of all the American people and not protect the rights of the few million gun owners in this country. With 270 million guns for 308 million people, it's time to say enough.

No one will argue that a mass shooter is a normal person, but what the NRA in their argument misses is that the separation of the gun and the shooter doesn't work. Without a gun the "madman" doesn't have the weapon to kill people and inflict injuries. It's the gun that he used which does it. The gun and shooter are inspeparable.

And that what the NRA doesn't want you to see let alone known to realize we do have a problem in this country over guns. You can't separate the gun owner from their guns and you can't separate any shooter from the acts with a gun. And Congress needs to realize that the NRA's argument isn't right or true.

No gun kills people without someone loading it and using it. And no person kills people as they can without their gun. It's that simple. Both are necessary and both are present and used. The shooter uses the gun. Without it they're just a mad or angry person, easily defended against with any other type of weapon.

And all those people in the Tucson shooting would still be alive and well and there would have been no memorials for the fallen at the hands of a man with a gun. Without both, nothing happens. You can't dismiss either or separate them for the sake of argument. They're inseparable as obvious in the results.

And no amount of words from the NRA will separate them from their actions protecting gun owners to become shooters at mass shootings. The NRA is apart of their actions to allow this to happen. They can't separate themselves from their own gun owners, and they can't dismiss their actions from the results of mass shootings.

The gun and shooter aren't separable, and neither is the NRA and the shooter at a mass shooting. The gun ties them all together. And the NRA is standing in the middle of it, deaths, blood and all. Their actions allowed it to happen, over and over again. How many of this will it take to face the NRA with the reality of their actions all these years?

There are no excuses or reasons anymore to have laws protecting all Americans from gun onwers with weapons designed to kill people. We can have guns to protect our home, property and lives. We need laws protecting the rest of us when they take those guns into the public and use them against us. That's our right.

And that's where good gun laws and regulations are necessary, to protect all Americans from every gun owner, all of whom have the potential to act on their anger or hatred. We have the right to be safe and secure in public, from gun owners who have different ideas. And that can't be taken from us by the NRA.

So it's time Congress and the President did what is fair, right and good for the country, for America and especially all Americans. Now is the time.

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