Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Many

How many memorials after mass shootings do we as a nation and people have to have before we not just learn but change from our learning? How many innocent people have to die at the hands of anger and hate-filled people with guns? So easily found and purchased, and then used with such intentional reckless abandon.

We can talk all we want about answers and more so about solutions, but it still gets to the complexity of our society, nation and people. As the President said, it's time to talk and work together to see these events happen less often. It's time to show we're a better nation. It's time to really put all Americans in our vision and view.

Or else, without change, how soon will we be doing this again? And will we do the same things and give the same words? And look back to find we didn't learn and we didn't change. Is this the future we want for our children, and future generations?

How many?

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