Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open Letter to Mr. Boehner

Mr. Boehner,

Before you go down the political rhetoric and work road you espouse, remember we didn't vote for the Republicans but voted against the President and the Democrats. Get that through your thick skull and do the job Americans want and not what you think we want, which is just more of the same Republican partisan work and failures we saw under President Bush.

Let's remember, the Republicans caused the financial collapse and the exporting of American jobs to make corporations richer. We don't want or need that again, so understand if you go down the road we will remind you in 2012 as we reminded the Democrats in 2010. We need and want jobs. We need and want good and affordable healthcare, not the repeal of the law but more of the same but with the public option, cost controls, and such thing to make it better and affordable.

We want better government, not less because it's already known and proven, you can't do more with less and government can't be treated like or in the pocket of the corporations. It's our government, not yours. We want taxes on the wealthy and we want corporations to actually pay taxes, something many don't do anymore. We want the poor and elderly to get financial help to more than survive but prosper.

We want you to actually negotiate and cooperate with the Democrats and the President, not hold us hotage. We don't want political rhetoric to explain your actions, we want honesty and truth. We know the difference and we know political bullshit when we hear it, especially from you. We don't want two-faced lies, promising one thing while working behind the scenes to undo what you said or work against it.

We don't want to see bills passed which you and we know won't pass the Senate. We're not stupid or ignorant of politics. We know that you'll pass bills to show you're doing the Repubicans' work but is clearly a dead one outside the House. Pass bills which we work and help Americans in bipartisanship with the Democrats and the President.

We don't want superficial transparency. We want real transparency, but really want to good results for the American people, all of us from the poorest to the decling middle class. The rich are fine, as you already know with your wealth. We know you don't care about us except for our vote. We're tired of that and expect results for us.

I could go on with a litany of ideas and suggestions, but I know you're not listening and won't listen, except of course to the lobbyists and big donors who pay you to vote their way. But make no mistake, you were elected by the people, by Americans, and failure to work for them will, with the rest of the Republicans, face reality in 2012.

As we voted against the Democrats in 2012, we can vote you out of office as we did in 2006 and 2008. And so remember if you don't create jobs, help average Americans and make this country better, we'll be there in the voting booth. And for God's sake, man up and stop the damn crying.

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