Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do You Really

Let me ask you, do you really dislike the new healthcare reform law that you're willing to go back to what was before this law was enacted? Do you really want the Republicans to hand your rights to determine and protect your healthcare and health insurance back to the insurance companies?

That's what will happen if you let them argue to pass the repeal of the healthcare law. And as much as you think it's just a symbolic vote as the Senate won't even consider the bill and the President will certainly veto it, and as much as it could be overridden in the House it wouldn't be overridden in the Senate.

As much as you don't like this law, and there are parts I find missing or inadequate, I'll take it over what existing before. I would like to see Congress work to improve and add to this law to help all Americans with their health insurance. This isn't socialized medicine. This isn't free universal healthcare. This isn't a government run health program. It won't take away your health insurance.

It's none of that as the Republicans try to portray the law. It isn't a "job-killing" law, it has added jobs and will continue to add jobs as more people get health insurance and better healthcare. It doesn't add to the deficit as repealing it would ($230 Billion according to the CBO). It's a good law which can and should only get better.

The Republicans only want you to believe it's bad so they can return health insurance to the companies. They want companies to deny health insurance to the 30 million who didn't have any, and used emergency rooms and public health clinics at taxpayers expense. They want to deny better insurance to the 20 million underinsured.

They want to return power to the companies to cancel policies without cause, change coverage monthly, deny claims when covered, and so on to keep the money, your money, for themselves. Their profits, which has decreased because of this law. The health insurance companies are still making money, partly because they're adding new customers because of this law. It's good business for them.

In the end, it's that simple. The Republicans don't have a replacement plan except business as was and business as usual. To take away all this law does for you now and for the rest of your life. So, let me ask you, is repealing it what you really want?

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