Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senate Democrats failed

The Democrats in the Senate this week, after recessing the first day of the Senate for the 112th Congress on January 5th to change the rules in the Senate and negotiate a compromise with the Republicans, failed. The were too coward to roll the dice when the Republicans called their bluff that any rules change would be continued against them if they lost the majority of the Senate in 2012.

So facing that possibility, they didn't even roll the dice but choose to collect their meager winnings with what the Republicans would give them. The minority again ruled the day and the minority again will rule the 112th Congress. Not the majority Democrats. The Democrats failed the people, the nation and their party. They were simply political cowards and in front of everybody.

So, Senate Democrats, give me a reason I should vote for you in 2012? Just one. Beyond the lame duck session which you did well except for the tax cuts, I'd like one reason any of you have the courage to stand up for the American people against the Republicans. And you're mad President Obama went around you to negotiate directly with the Republicans?

Why not, you're a waste of time, especially for him. You can't get anything done, or didn't for all but one month of the 111th Congress. You negotiated some of the best parts of the healthcare reform law away for votes to override a filibuster. You gave away Americans for their political agenda. And we're supposed to be happy about that?

During the whole of the 111th Congress you acted like you were the minority despite having 58 votes, a clear majority and 2 independents to get over filibusters. But you let hundreds of bills passed with bipartian support in the House die. For what? Because you wouldn't change the rules to get the bills into law, and now there isn't those laws.

So, what excactly doesn't the Democrats understand that Americans don't really care about the archane rules of the Senate and the inane loyalty and dedication to those rules? They want results. They didn't see them for almost two years and now they won't see results again for another nearly two years.

Do the Democrats really think the Republicans won't change the rules if they were in the majority? They haven't because the Democrats are also too afraid to use the filibuster and hold rules or face Republican wrath. The Democrats have failed to see the American people see them as political cowards. All the explanation doesn't change the results.

As Paul Simon sang, "Why deny the obvious...", which is what the Democrats did again.

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