Friday, January 7, 2011

Give it Time

Folks, as much as you may hate the Healthcare Reform Act, and there is much I don't like about it and find lacking, let's agree to do one thing, give it time. It was only passed less than a year ago and while some provisions kicked in last fall and more will do so this year, it is a progressive implementation that's key here and we should allow it to run its course.

I won't argue I would like to see improvements, like more healthcare for women, including reproductive health information and service, and yes including abortion, like end-of-line counseling for those facing terminal illnesses or diseases, like improved oversight on cost increases in premiums, healthcare in hospitals and clinics, and like really more oversight and control on the health insurance companies.

I don't want it repealed by any means. The key that Republicans fail to tell those who advocate its repeal, is what will they replace it with? They don't offer anything other than the past which caused the crisis and problems in the first place. Do you really want to go back to where your insurance or coverage can be rejected, denied or cancelled without cause or reason just because you need it?

Is that what you want? The past? Think about it. As much as you don't like about this reform, it's far better than the past. It needs more and more improvements, and I expect the President and Democrats to do that, even making it clear they're on your side and the Republicans aren't on yours but side of the insurance companies. That's the Republicans' real plan, go back to the private market which screwed you every way but right.

If you don't believe or buy the Republicans aren't for you, look at all the organizations giving them money and all the organization running the ads, Websites and other ventures into the "private market healthcare plan", and you'll see all of it is funded and run by the healthcare industry and health insurance companies. There's no consumer-backed organization supporting repealing the Act.

So, let's put a moratium on any healthcare legistlation for the next two years. Let's give it time when we can assess what needs to be changed, added or removed in 2013 for those provisions in place and not any provision yet to be implemented. That's it, just work on that, and I'll work on voicing my view for more healthcare reform.

In the end, let's tell the Republicans, "Hell No, we don't want any healthcare repeal or reform in this congressional session."

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