Tuesday, February 1, 2011

34 deaths from guns

It was reported Monday night on a MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell show that 34 deaths occur every day from guns. Are there any other reasons why we shouldn't seriously think about reasonable gun laws if not just to save most if not all of those 34 people who die every day from guns. Not from just guns, but people with guns.

And not just illegal gun-owners or criminals, but many are law-abiding gun owners, or according to the NRA who instantly dismisses them, were law abiding gun owners. In their mind no law-abiding gun owner uses their gun against another person, except for defensive reasons, like domestic violence, assault, or worse murder.

Yes, as much as the NRA doesn't want to admit or you to know, some of the 34 people die every day at the hands of law-abiding gun owners. It's not the gun that kills, that's just the means, it's the person with the gun, inseparable from each other. No gun, no death. No person, no death. It's takes both and it often involves law-abiding gun owners.

34 people died today from guns. And tomorrow. And each and every day from now on. Until we get some reasonable gun laws to reduce that number significantly. 34 people will leave loved ones and families. How many will leave children to wonder why and what if? How many more need die before we learn and act?

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