Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Balancing the Budget

As we know almost every politician, especially the President who has to submit his budget to Congress and the House Republicans who have to propose their own budget, have argued for measures which, in their terms, would put us on the road to balancing the federal budget, eliminating the annual debt and not adding to the longterm deficit.

But we know none of those plans will do that, and in fact, all fall way short of it, leaving over $1 Trillion in the red. None of them have real plans, they're all cosmetic to either appear to be working hard or to appeal to their political base. The President has chosen to put the cuts on the backs of the middle class working people. He is avoiding going after the wealthy and corporations, saying the latter will get their taxes when Congress overhauls the tax code.

As the old adage goes, yeah right. Does he really expect Congress, especially the Republicans who control the House, to rewrite the tax code to tax the corporations and then even consider the idea of increasing taxes on the wealthy. They've proposed reducing or eliminating those taxes, so it's clear what is going on, balance the budget on the back of hard working Americans.

In short, screw the average person. But there are ways to do more to balance the debt and work in the deficit. Simply raise taxes on the wealthy. Go back to the 2000 pre-Bush tax cuts levels for them. I would even accept higher taxes to help. I paid then, I can and will pay now, but only if everyone pays. It's time the wealthy stepped up to the plate.

We know all the Republican talk the wealthy need the tax cuts to create jobs is bullshit. They haven't created any jobs with their extra money since the tax cuts went into effect. It's a sham to the people and a shame on the Republicans. They lied then and they're lying now.

Second, cut the DOD and HSA budets by 5-7% every year for the next 5 years. Make them do more with less like the rest of us and the rest of government has been asked and have been doing for years. We spend more on the DOD than the rest of the world combined. It's out of control and time to rein it in.

The same applies to HSA. Same words since it's creation. We're spending money into the toliet for these and we're no safer now than since the deparment was created. They also need to do more with less. Both DOD and HSA can do better with less money and it's time they contributed to the solution than be the problem.

Third, go after the corporations to pay their taxes. Some of the biggest corporation paid little or no taxes. Fix that and get those $ billion into the treasury. In addition, add taxes when they move or create jobs overseas. Make them create factories and jobs here, and then offer them tax cuts to do that, but more taxes if they don't and build or contract for factories or add jobs elsewhere.

Fourth, cut subsidies and credits to industry, especially energy. And while you're at it, collect all the overdue and due royalities. None of the industries need subsidies in the form of payments or tax cuts to create more profit. Make them do more with less. And then cut agricultural subsidies to all the corporate farms and agricultural production companies, like the poultry, meat and dairy industries and large farms.

Fifth, cut all aid to Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other nations where the money, in the form of economic aid, military aid, contracts to train police and army forces, etc., isn't helping people and only going to an existing corrupt government. We know this in both those countries. And we know there is far more money going to other countries to buy our allience when the money is simply making the powerful and wealthy there richers. It's time to stop this madness.

And now you can see where the numbers are, but I wouldn't be surprised if you're far closer to balancing the budget than anyone else's suggestion. It's time the President showed he looked at the numbers for those options than focusing on cuts for real people who can't afford the cut or lose the service.

He needs to shows he's President of all of us, applying cuts to everyone sector of our society fairly. We're not the enemy who deserves to be singled out. It's time the wealthy, the corporations, the DOD and HSA all stepped up and paid into the debt. They can afford it, we can't. Not anymore.

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