Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beating a Dead Horse

What don't the Republicans understand that trying to repeal the healthcare reform act is akin to beating a dead horse expecting it to come to life. The American people have spoken, they want the law and they want it improved. The President has spoken and the Democrats have spoken. And as much as the Republicans and Tea Party want to challenge the law in court they won't prevail in the end, even the Supreme Court.

Right now the challenges are 2 out of 4 courts (Virginia and Florida) have overturned the mandate part of the law. All the legal scholars and experts have said hese two won't stand appeal, but we know the law will be decided by the Supreme Court. And there, it's a toss-up but not for legal reasons but for poltiical reasons. This is one of the most politically activist court in generations.

And as much as that excites the opposition to the law, it doesn't challenge one reality. Do we really want to repeal the law and go back to what we had which has caused the healthcare system to be broken and only benefitting the insurance and drug companies. Do we really want to hand power over our health insurance and healthcare to the companies where 30 million people were uninsured and we paid for their healthcare and another 30 million were underinsured and were routinely denied coverage or had their coverage cancelled?

We're going in the right direction, and although the law could stand to and should be improved. We need a public option. We need oversight on the costs of healthcare which was not covered. We need to provide more healthcare for women reproduction. We need to provide ways for lower income people to afford better healthcare. And so on down the wish list.

In the end, though, it's really about the point we're going in the right direction and turning around and leaping back to the beginning isn't wise or smart. And so any effort to do likewise is simply beating a dead horse. Nothing is gained except to show the nature of the one doing the beating.

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