Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Time

It's time for the Senate to vote on all the judicial and administrative appointees awaiting review and approval by the Senate. Our federal court system is overwhelmed and the government agencies overworked, all the while the Republicans in the Senate sit on their hands refusing to allow votes for these people to come to the floor. It's time to stop this political nonsense.

There are currently 526 appointees waiting approval by the Senate. There are 50 judges waiting approval and another 100 yet to be nominated (vacancies). That's partisan politics at it's best, and while it's been a traditional method to stall the votes by the minority party, it's the Republicans who are by far and away the master of it and especially since Obama took office.

I'm totally disappointed with the new Senate rules. Majority leader, only because that's his official title, has failed the American people to streamline the process to get bills to the floor over Republican holds and fillibusters. He did change the rules on appointees and nominations but that wasn't enough for the Republicans to find a way to sit on their hands and let this vacancies accumulate.

This is an outrage to the American people. It's not what the political process is about. If the Republicans don't like the nominee, then discuss it on the floor in open session. Let us know than decide it in secret and put them on hold while you collect a salary for doing nothing.

It's time to do the business of Congress for the people, or by the people we will make our voice and vote heard in the next election. We will know who and what. And you can bet we won't sit on our hands and let you continue to be the roadblock in the Senate. It will be our time and we won't waste it.

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