Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do You Really Want This?

I consistently hear the talk from the conservatives and more so the Tea Party (TP) telling us that they want, and we should want, government out of our lives. Do we really want our government out of our lives? Or are they just picking things government does that they don't like, but others may want or need, and then argue for government for everything? They imply we don't need government.

But do they really want that? I don't. Do we want government to completely get out of our lives and leave everyone to their own devises, remembering money is a government function? Do they want government not protecting us against foreign nations, fighting global terrorism and helping nations who do the same? We know some government work shouldn't in the radar to eliminate from our lives.

Do we want government out of protecting us with national standards for many things in our life, like roads, highways, public safety, law enforcement, education, food protection (ok, they could do better there), environmental protection (ditto), national parks and public lands, agricultural assistance and research, and so on down the list.

It's only the few things the Tea Party hates that they want government out of their lives, trying to convince us it's also good for our lives. They want to insert their life into ours even if we don't want them in our lives. And they demand government out of "our" lives on our behalf? I don't recall saying I'm on their side or agree with them.

The truth is they like to pick small things and make them seem larger or more important than they really our. And they like to make you think it's government heavy handedness into the rest of our lives, except maybe we do like and want government in our lives. I like almost everything governement does and want them to do more to keep other people, businesses and corporation from doing illegal activities.

The truth is they simply are whiners. Nothing else. Just verbal noise to stand in the spotlight for attention, our attention to make their point, except their point doesn't fit common sense and isn't in our agenda. They will always find something to complain about government in our lives. It's who they are, whiners. We all know people like that and we know not to listen and just ignore them.

Unfortunately that only makes them whine louder and longer and on even more innocuous things the government does. They don't complain about the many earmarks which direct money to their areas. And in fact in some things in our lives they want government not only to get into our lives, but make the decisions for us.

Like women's reproductive healthcare. Why do they want to be sitting in the doctor's office between a woman and her physician talking about their body and their reproductive system including pregnancy. How instrusive is that? Isn't that the most intrusive intervention you can get?

They want government out of our healthcare and more so our medical decisions, never mind the health insurance company is in our life and making medical decisions for us, but they want government in every woman's life. Talk about contradictions, the most intimate contradiction. They want government using their, meaning Tea Party, rules to decide the life of a teenage girl over her body and sex life. Isn't that her and her parents' responsibility?

They don't want government interferring with our right to own any number and types of guns. And we got the mass shooting in Tucson. But they want government in the life of a woman to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy and more so to end a pregnancy. They're willing to risk all of us over guns while they're willing to restrict and control the rights of woman to make the most intimate decision in their life.

They want government to define every aspect and definition of rape, incest and other actions which causes the girl or woman to become pregnant. They want government to decide what information a girl and woman gets to make the most knowledge decision about her body. They want government to intercede and decide for a pregnant girl and woman.

That doesn't seem to be intrusive to the Tea Party. But everything else is. That's not just hypocritical, just obscenely hypocritical. But that escapes their idea of government intrusion. That escapes their discussion when they talk about government intrusion. They want you to overlook that, but I can't and won't.

So before you begin to listen to the Tea Party about government intrustion in our lives, take time to think about what all government does for all of us and for you in particular, and then ask yourself if that's what you want. Do you really want to try and live without government oversight on the many activities which keeps corporations from lying to us and stealing or keeping our mone with reasons?

Do we want to try to live without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public funding of eduction, law enforcment, infrastructure (roads, highways, bridges, public transit), environmental and marine protection, national parks, wilderness area, national forests, the Coast Guard, and so on down the list?

Then ask them for specifics and think about if what they say is government intrusion and if that actually is helpful and useful to many if not all of us. Then ask them what government they would take out of their life, and do they really want governement out of everything. Then ask yourself if they're just whining about nothing.

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