Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nice Job

Want a cushy job, paid by the taxpayers, where you only show up, say, a few days a week and 2-3 weeks per month with a one week vacation every month? Right, who wouldn't want a job like that? Well, you can. Just get elected as a Republican to the House of Representatives. Yes, the very ones you elected, I didn't, to control the House.

It seems Speaker Boehner has decided it's tough being a representative so he's scheduling a week per month vacation, called "Constitutent work week" where you're supposed to go home to your district and listen to the people. Yeah, right. And exactly how many of the Republicans will do it that frequently and not just take a break with lobbyists?

And in the weeks they actually are "in session" the schedule reads like a kid who loves to skip school, only calling for sessions 2 days a week, 3 at most. And remember the promise to debate every bill before them? Well, apparently only about 25% of them will be scheduled for debate, the rest are just show up and vote, and leave.

And this with the salary, benefits (remember they get federally subsidized health insurance), and travel on the taxpayers, you and me. Add the money they get from lobbyists and campaign contributors, which makes up several times more of their salary, you get the picture of their job this session. They certainly don't plan to break a legislative sweat for us.

And remember all the talk about centering their work on jobs? Have you heard a bill yet to do that? And from them too? Any bets it's not on the agenda, except of course related to or with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Gee, we with President Obama and the Democrats, gave them what they wanted, but I'm betting they want more while we drown with cuts to what helps us.

All I can say now, is to keep track of the Republican, especially the Tea Party, representative you voted for, I didn't, and remind them what they promised. But more so, think about what they did for you and why you voted for them, and then ask yourself if you got what they said and you wanted. Sadly, the reality of those answers won't be good for you.

So, if you want a job with great pay, good benefits, lots of vacation time, and an easy work schedule, just be a Republican in Congress in the 112th Session. Our tax dollars hard a work, just not for us.

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