Monday, February 7, 2011

Selling Out

The President went to the US Chamber of Commerce, the very organization which spent over $30 million in the 2010 election to elect Republicans to the House and Senate. The President went there to cater to them, to offer up tax cuts, deregulation, and other benefits which will cost the ordinary citizen more in the case of our taxes, our benefits, our environment, and so on down the list.

The President sold the American people and America out for what? American-based businesses are holding $1.9 Trillion in cash assests from the bailouts, stimulus and tax cuts. American banks are sitting on $1 Trillion in cash assest from the bailout. And in all that the corporations aren't hiring, aren't creating job here, aren't providing help for Americans and so on down the list.

In short, you, Mr. President, sold us out for corporations and businesses. You offer hope and promises. You asked for patriotism. You asked for jobs. All the while you gave away the store, meaning America and Americans. If your goal is to move to the center-right for the 2012 election, your re-election, you trust we will still support you and will be there when you ask to help with your campaign.

You may think you'll embarrass them in the light of public view and scrutiny. Ok, except they don't and won't care. They can't be embarrassed because they don't pay attention to that. Their concern is their business and bottom line. Their interest is their profit and share holder value. Their interest is the next quarterly and annual report. Nothing else.

They haven't cared or felt embarrassed in the past, so why do you think you can embarrass them? Do you really think you can outsmart them? Or is your plan to really embrace them, not embarrass them, in hopes of winning votes? And you think it will work? Has it worked before? No? And you still have hope? Nothing else? A gamble?

You gambled with us and our money. You gambled with our country. You gave them what they wanted to hear. You gave them promises for more. And you got nothing in return. No jobs. No paying more taxes when many big corporation pay no taxes. No more helping stem pollution, global warming, greenhouse gases, etc. No more employee safety and protections. No more repaying past pension plan payments.

Nothing. Except of course applause for giving in to them and handing them the government on their side. They already own the Republicans and many Democrats in Congress. Now they will own you and worst of all, while you're giving them what they want, they'll be using the money to elect a Republican president.

Yes, Mr. President, they will use the money, as they did in 2010 election, to elect more Republicans and elect a Republican President. You'll be paying them to unseat you. Like handing someone who wants to kill you a loaded gun, one you bought and loaded. Yes, that's what will happen.

We see it. It's that obvious. You're right to get them to see your perspective but you're naive if you think you can win them over. You won't. And they won't change. And you can bet we won't change either. I hope you're not assuming we'll be there in 2012 because you think we'll understand. We won't because we do understand. We do see.

And you can be assured we won't just accept your words this time, as we did in 2008.

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