Friday, October 31, 2008

Answer to Comcast

I wrote about my recent, and on-going problems and issues with Comcast's service (first and second post dated October 24th and 26th, respectively). Well, they called to arrange a time to "talk" (I'll leave the rep's name and number out of conversation for now) about my problems and issues.

Well, I will respond here publically. First of all after raising my voice, it seems standing on an Internet street corner does work on occasion, beside reading where it pays do publically complain because it gets their attention. That said I have decided to pick up my soap box and walk away. While the problems persist, and likely will until Comcast decides to do a better job of fixing their own software, I don't see the need or any reason to continue to speak about it.

The problem of late is small, as described before (above), and simple to resolve by unplugging the HDMI cable or turning the TV off and on, which resets the bad HDMI signal. I don't see where a technician can help matters by replacing the cable box when the cable box is not the problem. It worked fine before the software upgrade and doesn't now. What's not to understand?

As for the other problems, the bandwidth, that was fixed until recently when it restarted, usually in the evenings or other busy times. Again, that's a network problem, not a cable box problem. And the SPDIF output on the cable box? Well, it's been there almost 3 years now and I haven't seen any interest on Comcast's part to fix it. It's a simple software fix too, because it's digitizing a digital signal which doesn't need it, simply not do that.

So, Comcast, I'm done with this issue. I've looked at satellite TV and I notice their prices are cheaper by a significant amount, so it's an option should I decide to change. And I'm curious how Comcast can offer very low rates to new subscribers for 3-12 months for services continuing customers are paying full fare. Are we subsidizing their cheaper service? If so, why? Why not give longtime customers some breaks, or do you think we won't leave your service? Or simply reduce your rates?

Anyway, enough venting at and about Comcast. While they're a nice target and a good enemy, it's fair to say 90+% of the time they're ok. But for now, I'm satisfied to let things go, and if they get worse I'll call the dreaded 1-800 number for service and go through the loop that never fixes or resolves anything, but merely seems to appease management they care about their customers.

So, in short, thanks for the offer but no thanks. Talk is cheap (and yes, like this post). And I'm out of wanting warm and fuzzies.


ComcastCares said...

I read your other posts. What you describe is most likely bad box or HDMI cable. I would start with replacing the box. If it were in the software everyone would have that trouble. Most likely something is bad with the memory in your box and since the new software uses more memory it is causing the trouble. We would be happy to replace the box.

Frank Eliason

WSR Photography said...

Thanks I will look into making an appointment to replace the box. I know it's not the HDMI cable.

It seems odd that Comcast didn't at least communicate that to customers other than the cryptic message they did originally send about encountering problems. At least consider adding a notice to customer's account statements about the new software and potential problems. It would have helped me debug the problem.

Any chance to fix the SPDIF problem? And it's not the box since it's been replaced twice and still has it. And it was confirmed by another technician at another home. And this latest software still has it too.