Friday, October 10, 2008

what they didn't do

Listening to the statements and testimony of the Wall Street and financial services company CEO's before Congress, especially the CEO of Lehman Brothers, I was struck with something they said about what they didn't say or rather do. Mr. Fuld said, "We did everything we could to correct this problems."

What he didn't say is that he and everyone in the company didn't do everything they could to prevent it. That's the key to the whole crisis. Everyone was blinded by the freedom and greed for profit. They didn't think beyond their own wallet, especially Mr. Fuld who stand to get about $500 Million with his departure. Everyone else is broke or worse, and he walks away, the bank robber who stole the bank, and even getting caught never sees one day in court let alone prison.

And that applies to the rest of them. As the experts and analysists have said, all this was easily preventable, by the the financial service and banking industry themselves, by the oversight regulatory commitees, and by Congress. The President could have easily staved off the crisis but he created it with an philosophical environment encouraging.

Bush, who has claimed created for the economy and financial gains, should also take responsibility and tell the nation and American people he failed, and he failed us. I know he won't, he's a coward who hides behind political rhetoric, as he hid from his miltiary duty (in the Air National Guard and then renigned and never showed up for duty and had his father use his influence to cover it up).

And so things will take their course, and in the end the taxpayers will be on the hook for assholes like CEO Fuld, while he and other CEO, as had many who have profited by this crisis, will walk away with huge payouts. And not see one day in court let aline jail for defrauding people and the taxpayers. Their arrogance and influence in Congress and the White House saved their butts and wallets.

So who speaks for the American people now beyond the political rhetoric?

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