Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Signing statements

Tuesday (10/14/08) Bush signed the Military Authorization Act into law. That is except for his signing statements where he declares he and his administration do not and will not abide by the provisions of this law identified in the respective signing statements. Despite that Presidential signing statements have been used in President Monroe, Bush has issued almost twice as many statements as all of the previous presidents combined. Combined!

This means he, or really Cheney, has decided the President and his offices are imperial to Congress and the American People. He can pick and choose what provisions of any law or act passed by Congress to abide by, ignore, or outright reject. This include funding authorizations as it has been noted he's prohibited agencies from spending money allocated in funding authorizations, and then used the money elsewhere.

And despite the American Bar Association statement that signing statements, and those used by Bush, are unconstitutional, there is no legal manner to challenge the President on his signing statements without going through a very lengthy court fight. No one has to date (that I've found in the news).

He can and does act like a King telling the Congress and the American people to go fuck themselves. And I hope the next President makes it clear he will not use signing statements as a polticial tool. Congress should not only ban them but make them illegal, and with a Congressional override, and then challenge the President the first time he issues one. The country and nation needs it.

The President should sign bills into law as passed by Congress. If the President doesn't like it, go to Congress to change it, but don't flaunt the Constitution in the name of her personal political agenda against the wishes of our elected representatives (even if we don't like what they've done or are doing, they're still ours).

So the ball is in Congress' court. Do you now have the balls to do something or simply pander to the President conducting illegal acts? Well, isn't it time to stand up for the people and the Constitution?

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